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Strategic Outlook 2024

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Powered by data and AI, analysed by experts, and enhanced by community, FiscalNote's policy and global intelligence solutions help you navigate rapidly evolving political, corporate and regulatory environments. Combining technology, data and insights to help you stay ahead of political and business risk.

About FiscalNote

We enable security leaders to deliver value across the enterprise from project teams to the board room, by optimising and transforming their exploitation of risk data, analytics and intelligence.

Systems and Solutions

Our deep knowledge of the global risk landscape enables us to provide you with clear and actionable insight on risks to your organisation. From global geopolitical realignment and escalating political risks in volatile countries, to evolving ESG and regulatory requirements across sectors, we help you understand the challenges of operating in unfamiliar contexts.

Political Risk

We help clients implement bespoke intelligence-based assessments to protect their people, assets and investments against a wide range of sophisticated adversaries. Combining various intelligence and data sources, our analysts and consultants are experts in security threats in challenging environments and the impact on businesses and personnel.

Security Risks

Advisory Services

We help security decision-makers evaluate and respond to their threats and risks, which typically covers three core areas:

Dragonfly’s Protective Intelligence service monitors, identifies, analyses and assesses threats on your behalf, particularly when those threats are highly specific to your organisation.

Our Protective Intelligence service informs security planning, mitigation and operations for a broad range of risks, typically spanning: ongoing executive protection missions, high-profile events such as AGMs, film and television productions, festivals, sporting events, exhibitions, conferences and high-profile launches.

Protective Intelligence

TerrorismTracker is our market-leading proprietary terrorism events database, delivered on our platform and through an API. We record every terrorist incident and plot reported in open sources since January 2007. Updated daily, incidents and plots are geolocated, summarised, and indexed by 17 different categories for rapid and up-to-date research and structured analysis.


–  Manager, Security Risk, Qantas

We consider SIAS to be a key enabling capability that contributes to our multi-layered threat monitoring program. The assessments are timely, reliable, and actionable. On a couple of occasions SIAS has provided useful early warning indicators for our operations, and therefore has provided situational awareness when we might not have known otherwise. We also regularly access their website for research purposes and that is particularly useful and user friendly. SIAS is a market leader and continues to evolve to suit client needs.

Dragonfly is a geopolitical and security intelligence service used and trusted by leading professionals of the world’s most impactful organisations.

From the highest-risk environments to the boardroom, Dragonfly enables its clients to make confident decisions and puts them ahead of risks to achieve their goals. We craft intelligence that is all-source, corroborated, analysed, filtered and vividly presented to give our clients the confidence to advance their agendas, plan with precision and sustain their competitive advantage.

Dragonfly is a part of FiscalNote’s Global Intelligence division.

With over 180+ pages, discover our regional analysis, scenarios, Resilience Perceptions Survey and more.
Strategic Outlook 2024

Dragonfly brings two decades of experience in helping corporate security teams perform at their best by placing intelligence at the heart of their operations.

We provide a dedicated capability for security organisations, by embedding our fully supported specialists. They are able to transform the quality and flow of actionable intelligence, enabling security decision-makers to focus resources based upon high-quality assessments that are specific to their strategy.

Embedded Intelligence

SIAS is Dragonfly’s core product and is a strategic, operational and tactical intelligence service used by many of the world’s leading businesses, international organisations, NGOs and public bodies as their essential security intelligence solution.

SIAS provides bespoke, forward-looking and actionable all-source security intelligence, including in-depth assessments, risk modelling and analytics. Delivered through a platform, mobile app, email and by API, our service is optimised to ensure that SIAS intelligence and data can seamlessly integrate into our clients' workflows and systems.

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Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS)